• Infrared 0.3MP Serial JPEG Camera Module
  • RS232 Interface
  • Standard 3.6mm lens and 6 pcs 850nm IR LED's built-in on board
  • VC0706 Chipped and Protocol
  • Comes with 20cm cable

  • Manufacturer: Spinel
  • Part Number: SC03MPC_232

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  • $36.00
  • 10+ units


Image Sensor: CMOS MT9V011

Pixels: 300K Pixels

Image Resolution: 640 x480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA) (Default), 160×120

Image Compression: JPEG

Serial Interface output: RS232

Baud Rate: 38400bps (Default), 9600bps, 57600bps, and 115200bps

Focal Length: 3.6mm

Angle of View (FOV): 90°

Power Supply: DC 5V

Current consumption: Typical: 80mA, Max: 100mA (when IR LED’s are on).

Cable Length: 20CM (Default).

Infrared LED’s: 6 built-in infrared 850nm LED’s.

Night image: black and white.

Night vision range: 10 meters (33ft).

IR-Cut filter: 850nm.

White Balance: Automatic

Exposure: Automatic

Auto Gain Control: Automatic

Operating Temperature: -4℉-140℉

Storage Temperature: -22℉-158℉

Protocol: compatible with VC0706

Dimension: 45.6 x 30 x 28mm

Weight: 12g (0.4 OZ)

Connector: Default with bare 4 pin wires

Notes: If you would like to test this camera on a computer (when you computer does not have a serial port), please consider purchasing the USB to RS232 converter board below.


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